Styles of Tai Chi Chuan taught by the instructor

Yang Style:

The most popular and well-known style of Tai Chi Chuan is the Yang style. Founded by Yang Lu'Chan and further modified by his grandson, Yang Cheng-fu, it is characterized primarily by soft, fluid movements, large circles, and normal stances.

snake creeps down

Yang Style Snake Creeps Down

More information can be found here


Chen Style:

Chen is the documented original Tai Chi Chuan. Founded by General Chen Wang-Ting, Chen is characterized by much deeper stances (horse), soft flowing movements punctuated by sudden explosive strikes (fa jing).

There is Laojia (Old Frame) Chen, and there is Xinjia (New Frame) Chen.

I teach the Xinjia (New Frame), which emphasizes more circular motions and what is also known as Chan Ssu Ching (silk reeling energy)

chen single whip

Chen style Single Whip (Dan Bien)

More information on the Chen style, and the differences between New and Old Frame can be found here.

Yang Style, Cheng Man Ching 37 Movement variant:

Professor Cheng was a senior student of Yang Cheng-fu, who focused primarily on the health benefits of Tai Chi, and created an encapsulated form of 37 movements that took only ten minutes to complete, as opposed to the traditional thirty minutes, 108 movement form.

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Fu Style Tai Chi Chuan:

Fu Style Repulse Monkey

From http://www.wudangboxing.com/tai_chi_chuan.htm:

When Grandmaster Fu Zhen Song was young, he first learned Chen Tai Chi Chuan from the Chen Jia-Guo Village with Chen, Yan-Si (also known as Chen Hui-Jie).  Chen was the 8th generation of the Chen Style Tai Chi.  Fu is also the 3rd generation of the bagua zhang creator, Dong, Hai-Chuan.  Later, he met the Sun Style Tai Chi Grandmaster Sun, Lu-Tang and the Yang Style Tai Chi Grandmaster Yang, Cheng-Fu.  They became very close friends and exchanged tai chi, bagua, xing-yi, and weapons.  With this valuable knowledge and achievements, Fu had progressed to the next highest level of internal martial arts.

In the 1920's, Fu created Fu Style Tai Chi Chuan.  He started with the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan as a basic foundation, then added Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan and Sun Tai Chi Chuan along with bagua zhang.  Fu used the elite forms of the Yang Style Tai Chi, Chen Style Tai Chi, Sun Style Tai Chi, and bagua zhang to created Fu Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Fu created Fu Style Tai Chi Chuan to adapt to different people's physiques.  Fu Style Tai Chi Chuan consists of yin and yang (positive and negative) and corresponding left and right sides.

I learned the Third Level style of Fu from Jang Yat Fan (Johnny Jang), which employs a greater degree of wrist action and Pa Kua movements in the form.

For more on Pa Kau (Baguazhang), see here.