Syllabus/training methodologies

Warm ups

I always begin classes with 20-25 minutes of warming up, mostly with various warm-ups from the 8 Pieces Of Brocade.

Beginning classes:

New students (unless they have prior experience) usually begin with the 24 standard Yang form

Intermediate classes:

After completion of the 24 Yang, students are given the option of learning:

    A. The 42 Compulsory (combination style) form,
    B. The 24 Chen style,
    C. The 42 Fu style.
    For more on these particular styles, see the Styles page.

Advanced classes:

After approximately six months, students are given the option of learning the following three long forms:

  • A. Fu style 108.

    B. Yi Lu 83 movement form (Chen, New Frame).

    C. Er Lu 74 movement form (Chen, New Frame), Pao Chui - Cannon Fist.

  • NOTE: Unless other arrangements are made, I require the student to learn Yi Lu (Form 1) prior to learning Er Lu (Form 2), and some degree of competency in Form 1 is essential.


    I teach the Chen 18 movement spear form, the Chen 56 movement sword, and the 36 Broadsword. Prerequisites are at least 1 year of doing Chen, or combination of Chen/Fu/Yang/Compulsory forms.

     chen sword