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My name is Douglas Henry, and I have been practicing Tai Chi Chuan for 16 years. I combine a deep technical knowledge with a sensitive hands-on approach geared towards the individualís needs. I practice diverse styles and various meditation techniques, to give my students an exercise tailored to their precise needs.

My accomplishments can be found here, and my certificate, here.

Brief Bio:

I first learned about Tai Chi at the age of 17, by reading Robert W.Smithís Chinese Boxing, Masters and Methods. Unfortunately, that was back in 1975, and Chinese martial arts were nowhere near as prevalent as they are today. I was resigned to having to go to China in order to learn Tai Chi.

Eleven years later, I rode by a small plaza on Main St., Pleasanton CA, and saw a sign that advertised that very same art.

It was love, all right. For eight years, I practiced religiously, did push hands, went to seminars, learned the Cheng Man Ching form, the Yang long form, learned some Hsing-I, Pa Kua, a little Kali.

Dropped out for about six years. Long story. Became re-involved when a place I worked at offered free Tai Chi classes. When the instructor resigned, recommended me for the job. In the meantime, I began studying Fu and Chen style Tai Chi Chuan under Dr. Johnny Jang (Jang Yat Fan) at O-Mei Kung Fu Academy in San Leandro.


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